Map of Switzerland
Switzerland is a melting pot of the very diverse European worlds. It is a crossroads of regional cultures, which, on one hand, are very different from each other, but, on the other hand, are also mutually enriching. The artist tries to show this intersection using wide, oblong, protruding strokes, while mixing the colours directly on the canvas. The paradox of this work is the word “silence” (in German, French and Italian) appearing on this “noisy” cultural crossroads. A paradox that endlessly attracts the artist and forces us, along with him, to reflect on: How does silence, peace and stability dominate in this melting pot?

The inscription denoting the area of the drawn country, presented in every painting from the concept “Maps of the Happiest Countries” serves as a sort of a signature. It is specifically done to raise this question: How important is the element of territory in the 21st century? The area of Switzerland is 41,285 square kilometers.

Through this work, the author wants to tell us how important it is to accept the differences and similarities between us, taking them into consideration and respecting them.