Alex Protsenko (1995)
Alex Protsenko was born in 1995 in Kazakhstan, into a poor family, in a small village where he spent all of his childhood. Currently, he lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

As an artist, Alex likes exploring through his art different themes, such as: emigration, understanding, feeling and achieving happiness, internally and in society in general, and the price of achieving of happiness, the essence of the feeling itself and current social problems.

The artist is not indifferent to these themes, as he went, both physically and mentally, through these problems himself. A deep paradox exists in the artist: on one hand, he wants to reflect on these themes by diving deeper and deeper into solitude; and, on the other hand, he wants to keep an endless dialogue with people from different parts of the world. Thus, painting allows the artist to do all the above mentioned.
Alex Protsenko is a person who, on one side, acts upon his creativity throughout his whole life, or who adapts his entire life to creativity; and on the other side, does not have a specialized education. This person, on one hand, is a successful entrepreneur, who has already built a business in the real estate sector and on the other hand, a creator, pursuing his creative goals beyond the boundaries of academic art and economic rules.

At the age of 18, Alex travelled a distance of 4,000 km, as an emigrant student from deserted Kazakhstan to the center of Europe, without the knowledge of the languages. Empty pocketed, except for his ambitions, anticipation and great admiration for the cultures, mode of life, lifestyle and opportunities of Europe. His path was endlessly thorny, winding like a sinusoid stretching into the skies. At 28 years old, today, he is a man of steel, whom little can frighten or lead into chaos; he is a settled family man and the owner of a profitable company: he is an artist whose energy cannot help but spill out onto his canvases.