Map of New Zealand
Unlike in the other works from the concept “Maps of Happy Countries”, in this work, the country’s area (268,680 square kilometers) occupies most of the space on the canvas. This way the author refers to the symbolism of the numbers 68 and 2, which in numerology mean wisdom of desire. The artist connects this symbolism with the geographical remoteness of the archipelago from the whole world. The word “Solitude”, depicted using the bright colour red, emphasizes the unique manifestation of human life in such a remote corner of the globe. New Zealand is a country of immigrants, who also had the wisdom to desire living in solitude, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, captured through the warm shades of light blue, sky blue and yellow-green. Using black strokes, the author pays tribute to Māori culture.

Through this work, the author is trying to say that a happy person is initially happy and harmonious within himself, and only then does his happiness depend on other people.