Map of Luxembourg
“Bescheidenheet” means modesty in Luxembourgish. Although the work can hardly be called modest, looking at the vibrant colour spectrum with strokes and lines made using the grattage technique. The strokes are wide, massively-protruding in burgundy-violet, with heather-violet strokes standing out on top of them; while the background is pink-violet, emerald green, mint, and finally bright yellow. The author seems to suggest the idea of fake modesty. Luxembourg and the Luxembourgers have something to brag about, despite historical intricacies, world wars, which always took place on the territory of this small country in spite of the constant deprivation of this territory, the Luxembourgers were still able to form a successful society, speaking three languages and prospering no matter what.

The inscription denoting the area of the drawn country, presented in every painting from the concept “Maps of the Happiest Countries” serves as a sort of a signature. It is specifically done to raise this question: How important is the element of territory in the 21st century? The area of Luxembourg is 2,586 square kilometers.

Through this work, the author calls on people to be modest and moderate, despite numerous merits, wealth and social status.