Map of Denmark
What distinguishes the Danes from other societies is their ability to be content with little, to appreciate the moment and the simple pleasures of life, which is the “Hygge” philosophy. The author “carves out” this word on the canvas, as if it is a log of wood which, at first glance, reflects the warmth and comfort that are so important in one’s life. The background of the painting gives us the same feelings as a flame in the fireplace accompanied with the sound of cold, evening rain outside the window. On the next layer, the artist applies generous brushstrokes on top of which he creates three wide wavy lines in the form of three lions on the coat of arms of Denmark, as a reference to the colonial past of the kingdom.

The inscription denoting the area of the drawn country, presented in every painting from the concept “Maps of the Happiest Countries” serves as a sort of a signature. It is specifically done to raise this question: How important is the element of territory in the 21st century? The area of Denmark is 42.943 square meters.

Through this work, the author shows how important it is to slow down and be content with what you have got in today’s world.